Book of the Month | April

This month I am so so excited to be reading Perfect is Boring by Tyra Banks (and her mom)! (This post is a bit late because I wanted to make sure I got a copy of it before committing to reading it this month.) I truly admire Tyra in so many ways and I’ve been looking forward to this book release since I first heard about it!

Perfect is Boring is a collection of stories about what it was like for Tyra and her mom as Tyra was growing up. It will be discussing lessons her mom taught her and how their relationship grew throughout everything Tyra has gone through in her life. I am interested to hear more about Tyra’s life, since I don’t know too much about how she got to where she is today (does that mean I’m not a true fan??). There is a warning in the book that it can get a bit lewd at times, so I guess if you’re sensitive about discussing sexual topics or other potentially embarrassing things this book may not be for you. On the same note, however, maybe reading it could benefit you by taking you outside your comfort zone? I’ll let you make that call.

I’m really excited to read this book and let you all know what I thought of it at the end of the month! It just came out on April 3rd so I doubt anyone’s read it already unless you dedicated your Tuesday to tearing through it, but if you happen to finish it before the month is up let me know what you thought!


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