Book of the Month | March Review

Hello everyone! This month I chose to read A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray. I really hate to admit this, but I had a hard time with this book, and actually decided about 40 pages in that it just wasn’t for me. I feel so bad! I was excited to read it, see what happens, and let you guys know what I thought of it. Instead, I’ll tell you why I only made it a little ways in before giving up.

Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve read a lot of dystopian teen novels in my time. Boy, did I love those books when I was in middle school and high school! But, I think I’m just not at a point in my life where those stories interest me. I’m not at the age where the dark, brooding, moody af boy type does anything for me anymore! And I think (though this probably sounds super corny) that being in a loving, honest, and secure relationship makes all the dramatic, turbulent, will-they-or-won’t-they stuff sound ridiculous to me. Whether I’ve just read too many books like this, or I’ve just grown up a bit, 40 pages of this book was enough for me to realize that I’m not into that type of book anymore.

That being said, I still don’t want to write off the book entirely. While I couldn’t get past all of the tropes it contained, I do think the plot and concept behind the book are really interesting. If you’re someone who does enjoy books like the Hunger Games or Twilight (am I dating myself by mentioning those? I’m not that old…), then I still think I’d recommend you give this a shot. Just because it wasn’t my cup of tea doesn’t mean that it’s a bad book!

I hope I didn’t disappoint anyone by not finishing this book, but I also hope you understand why I gave up on it! I already know what book I’ll be reading for April, and I promise it won’t be one I’ll abandon! If you’ve read A Thousand Pieces of You and you liked it, or shared some of my thoughts on it, let me know!

I also want to give a quick update on the frequency of my blog posts. I usually try to post once every 7-10 days, but lately I’ve been busy with the second half of this semester of school so it’s been hard to find not only the time to write, but even to sit down and think of ideas for posts! At the very least I will continue posting for Book of the Month (once at the beginning of the month and again at the end), but I’m hoping to squeeze in a couple other posts between those if I can. My semester ends at the beginning of May, so after that my activity on this blog should pick up. If you want to see me write about anything specific, always feel free to comment or send me an email! You can find my contact info on my contact page!


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