Crystal Mountain 2018

I’m on spring break right now (yay!), and one of the things that I wanted to do more than anything was go up skiing. I learned to ski when I was super young, and used to go multiple times every year until I became too busy during the second half of high school. It’s been probably around 4 years since the last time I went, and I was so excited to have the chance to go this year!

Today I went to Crystal Mountain Resort in Washington with my mom and my brother, Nick. This is (in our opinion) one of the best places to go skiing in the area. The views are breathtaking, the snow is usually good, and they have a wide variety of runs you can make so you never really get bored. I always loved going skiing here when I was younger and my memories of how spectacular it was still lived up to the reality. Despite the fact that it was pretty warm and the snow got kind of mushy around 1:00pm, I had a fantastic time.

Since neither of us had gone skiing in a while, my brother and I made a couple of low intensity runs to get the hang of it. Then, for some dumb reason, we decided to go up a chair lift that Nick had only gone up once and I had never done before. We got to the top and I just about had a panic attack. It was so steep! I didn’t have a clue how I was supposed to get down from up there, and despite having around 17 years of experience, I was not confident that it would go well at all. We slowly made our way over to this ledge that led to the main part of the slope, and that was even steeper! We were both kind of concerned about what we had gotten ourselves into.

The inclination of the very beginning of the slope (it got steeper further down).
Gorgeous view from the top!

Still, after taking a few pictures of the gorgeous view, there wasn’t really any other option but to just do our best and get down the thing. Nick actually had no trouble doing it since he was far more confident and courageous than me. Instead of skiing the normal way (facing down the hill and making turns), 99% of my journey down this slope was me carving sideways down the hill. About 2/3 of the way down I decided to try turning, and after a few successful ones I fell down. At that point I just thought the situation was hilarious (what did I get myself into!), and once I got back up the rest of the slope seemed a bit easier. I was still incredibly relieved once we made it to the bottom without any injuries.

A little later in the day we looked at a map of the mountain and realized that what we had gone down was a double black diamond (one of the hardest classifications of ski slopes). Never in my life had I ever even thought about wanting to try a double black diamond, and yet I had apparently just done one. As scary as the experience kind of was, I’m really proud of myself for being able to do it! It really goes to show that sometimes you’re capable of much more than you give yourself credit for. While you should always be safe about your choices, it can be good for you to push yourself when you can!

I had such a wonderful time skiing with my brother, and while my mom didn’t ski she enjoyed the views and being out in the fresh mountain air. Crystal Mountain is such a lovely place, and I can’t wait for the next time I get to go back!


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