Date Night Ideas

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and I’ve been spending some time trying to figure out what my boyfriend Matthew has planned for us. We have some usual date ideas that we rotate through, but there are also some plans we have tossed around in the past but never actually done. While my Valentine’s plans are a surprise, I thought I’d share some date night ideas in case anyone else out there needs some!

A Night In

This is by and large mine and Matthew’s most frequent choice. It’s easy, and requires limited-to-no planning! It’s an easy way to be spontaneous, or you can plan a bit ahead and make it more intentional. We usually like to choose a movie or a TV series we are in the middle of, and watch it together while limiting outside distractions like phones. It’s a good way to connect and share an experience without having to spend money. If you want to go a step further, you can cook a meal together before hand, or take turns cooking on different date nights. You could also involve other activities like playing video games or board games.

Out to Dinner

Going out for a meal is a more typical date idea, but always a good one! Exploring different restaurants in your area is a good way to have fun and switch things up every now and then, but it’s also fun if you have a typical place to go. When Matthew and I had been together for our first six months, we decided to dress up and go out to a nice dinner. That day when we were getting ready to head out, he mentioned one of his professors had talked about how much she liked the food at A&W, a fast-food burger place. We suddenly decided, in our fancy clothes, to go there to eat instead. It’s now become sort of a tradition for us to go eat there on special occasions, which is a nice way to add more meaning to a typical date idea.

Shared Interests

If you and your partner have common interests (which I would hope you do!), find some place to go and spend time doing that together. Matthew and I both enjoy being active, so we will go to the gym together and play racquetball sometimes as a more special workout. We are also both in love with animals, so we will occasionally go to our local pet store and check out all the cute animals they have there. It’s not a big flashy date, but it’s something different and fun to do! Finding something you have in common and making a date out of it is a nice way to share an experience and have fun together.

Special Dates

On special occasions like holidays and birthdays (or maybe just because you haven’t done it in a while), it’s a great idea to find something more unique to go do. For Matthew’s most recent birthday, I purchased cooking lessons for both of us at a local store. We have also gone to the zoo, the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, and some shows and concerts together. Matthew and I also have some other ideas in mind, like swing dancing lessons and hiking trips.Β Doing things a little different and out of the way is always fun and memorable (but, sadly, usually expensive).

I hope these help inspire any couples out there who still need Valentine’s plans, or who may be stuck doing the same dates over and over. And for anyone who may not have a significant other, these are all fantastic things to do with friends as well! Let me know if you have a go-to date night, or a special date you loved going on!



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