Leavenworth 2017

Winter is such a beautiful time of year, especially here in the Pacific Northwest. I just returned from a three-day getaway to Leavenworth, WA with my boyfriend and some of his family. Leavenworth is a very charming, small German town settled in the Cascade Mountains. They have a lot of authentic German food and trinkets (as well as some very cheesy, tourist things). I usually go to Leavenworth around once a year with my family, but this was my first time visiting in the winter!

We got to Leavenworth when it was dark outside, so the lights were all turned on. People were all walking and sledding through the snow, it felt a bit like being in a Christmas card.

The next day we got to visit a reindeer farm! They had a closed in area for the reindeer to wander around, and they gave each of us a small red bowl with food in it that we could feed them out of. The reindeer were very friendly and sweet, and getting to interact with them was such a joy.

As with all trips I go on, my favorite part of the vacation was the people I got to spend it with. I think it’s important to spend time with people you love, and I feel so blessed that my boyfriend’s family was willing to include me on their trip. It was a nice way to lift my spirits even more during this holiday season.

As always, if anyone has questions about anything in this post feel free to comment or get in touch through my contacts page! I hope you all are enjoying your last few moments of 2017!


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